WordPress Website Security Maintenance & Updates

WordPress Website Security Maintenance & Updates

WordPress Version & Plugin Updates

If your website is built with WordPress it’s crucial to keep the WordPress version and plugins up-to-date to eliminate vulnerabilities. This is an ongoing process as new WordPress versions are being released all the time. Any vulnerability with the files can lead to a hacker attacking your website. Types of attacks vary but examples include sending SPAM emails to your clients or uploading additional pages or sections to your website advertising the hacker’s products.

WordPress Security Maintenance

Having reliable security measures in place from the start is key to ensuring that your website is not a target for hackers. As standard, we always add basic security precautions to every WordPress website but ongoing maintenance is also available.

WordPress Website Security Audit

This security audit includes installing WordPress security plugins, scanning for malware, changing the database prefix (usually this has already be done), changing the default login page URL, and other basic steps to keep your website secure.

WordPress Cleaning

Will remove all malware and malicious code inside your WordPress file.

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