Acrylic sheet cut to size

Acrylic sheet cut to size

Project details

My initial conversation with my client Dom Abell started on

He needed someone urgently to complete his website as he paid some ads company for marketing his acrylic sheets. Luckily I was available and I was able to work with him for a continuous 18 hours till I got everything ready for the marketing company. But it turns out the marketing agency wasn’t up to the task. Then I suggested him with on/off-page SEO and social media. from there I started with SEO of acrylic sheets and also all his social media pages/accounts were created and run. after 2-3 months. orders started to take place because of the SEO done on his website. from 7th place on google, he was nearly on page one for his keywords.

I also wrote 12-14 blogs to boosts his ranking too.

Created custom calculators and also created graphics for his website. also redesigned his logo! and much more.
now he is earning more than 200k-400k pounds from his website alone. excluding the on-call orders, he is getting!

Main things done

  1. Website’s design
  2. Website’s Schema.
  3. E-commerce
  4. Custom calculator
  5. Social media management
  6. logo creation
  7. products images
  8. articles/blogs
  9. ads campaigns on google and bing
  10. SEO
  11. Speed optimization
  12. website migration
  13. on-page SEO
  14. off-page SEO
  15. google adword
  16. keyword research
  17. Content writing
  18. business registration in UK